Don't Try to Navigate the Probate Process Alone

Consult a probate and conservatorship attorney in Topeka, KS

After a loved one passes away, you and your family may need to go through probate in order to take care of the decedent's estate. During the probate process, all creditors and potential beneficiaries must be notified by the estate's executor. Then, your loved one's final wishes can be carried out through  a court proceeding, even if there was no will. 

If you've been named the executor of a loved one's estate or he or she died without a will and you need to be appointed an administrator in the Topeka, KS area, reach out to the Grant Glenn Law Office. You can trust probate and conservatorship lawyer Grant Glenn to take care of your legal needs at this important time

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More than just probate

More than just probate

The Grant Glenn Law Office can also help your family deal with legal matters related to the care of minor children or incapacitated adults. If you're looking for ways to care for your loved one, you might consider setting up a conservatorship or guardianship. Lawyer Glenn can handle either process efficiently.

While a guardianship is usually created to oversee the health care of a loved one, a conservatorship is typically used to oversee the financial wellbeing of a loved one. A conservator can manage a loved one's:

  • Bank accounts
  • Investments
  • Properties
  • Unique assets

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